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Consolidation Plan

Student Loan Consolidation offers you the benefit and flexibility of one lower payment each month. Your present student loans will be refinanced and combined into one new loan. This means making one payment with one fixed interest rate each month.

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Repayment Plan

Did you know that you have choices when it comes to your student loan repayment plan? Yes, you do! So, why not choose the one that’s best for you? Student Debt Experts can help you choose a federal student loan repayment plan that’s just the right fit for you and your budget.

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Forgiveness Plan

There are several Student Loan Forgiveness programs available that you may qualify for. Student Debt Experts can help explain these programs in simple terms, show you your options, and submit all the paperwork for you. Find out if you qualify. It’s that easy!

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Your Complete Student Loan Solution Center

With over 25 years of debt counseling experience, our professional Student Debt Advisers offer services that help you with:

  • Quick and easy Federal Student Loan Consolidations that make paying your student loans easier and more affordable
  • Qualification for and enrollment in Student Loan Forgiveness Programs for permanent forgiveness of your student loan debt balances
  • Income-based Student Loan Repayment Plans that will save you thousands of dollars over the course of your repayment
  • Removing student loan default statuses that will improve your credit score

When you contact US Direct , you are assured of speaking with a professional Student Debt Adviser who will provide you with straight-forward answers and guaranteed solutions to your student debt situation. We are the real deal. With US Direct  there are no promises of impossible outcomes or fast sales talk. We give you the straight-up facts. What we provide are truthful and fast student debt solutions that are based on available government programs. What do you get? Fast results. Results that save you money.


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